“See a difference in your dog within 3 days… Even if you have never trained a dog before”

No more uncontrollable dog. No more excuses!

happy customer If you’re ready to try something completely different that actually WORKS to solve your dog problems in a positive, humane way — and permanently, then read below… by Kristin Wild – Active member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers I’m going to show you several reasons why you have struggled to get your dog to listen to you. There IS an answer that will help you finally beat this struggle and get the perfectly behaved companion that you want.   


The Dog Training System is For You if Any of This Sounds Familiar…


  • Biting and Nipping… 
  • Excessive Barking… 
  • Whining… 
  • Chewing… 
  • Ignoring Simple Commands like “sit” or “stay”… 
  • Jumping Up… 
  • Digging… 
  • Peeing and Pooping in the House… 
  • Bolting out the Front Door… 
  • Aggression towards people or other dogs…
  • Suffering from Separation Anxiety… 
  • Tugging on the Leash… 
  • Begging for Food… 
  • Won’t Come When Called… 
  • Fear of Objects, People or Animals…
  • Mounts other dogs or people…
  • You have a puppy that is trying to figure out the world…


  Screen-Shot-2012-10-29-at-11.48.31-AM Inside the program below you’ll see easy and effective techniques that change your dog’s bad habits. You will make him so well behaved, other pet owners will be dying to know what your secret is… Imagine walking your dog on a loose leash at your pace… Telling him to “stay” and knowing he will be there when you return. Inviting friends over without worrying your dog will jump up on them as they come through the door… Never worrying about aggression, never getting complaints from the neighbors about barking, never finding all of your stuff chewed to shreds… Imagine if Potty Training Was Easy… Crate Training Was Easy… Playing Fetch Was Easy… Stopping Biting Was Easy… A happy dog that doesn’t whine, bark all the time, or suffer from separation anxiety. A perfect companion. A loyal friend.   

“You’ve Been Misled to Use the Wrong Training Methods”

You’ll also see the truth about why many so called “dog training experts” are having you use almost all of the WRONG training techniques. If you really want to rid yourself of your dog’s behavior problems, you need to be focusing on an entirely different realm of training techniques… and this does NOT involve hours of boring exercises every day! In just a few minutes, you can access and discover my entire system and learn what you’ve been doing wrong all of this time. After most of my happy customers make these simple changes to their training techniques, they start seeing some of those nasty behavior problems disappear after just a couple days (sometimes sooner). Instead of the normal $47.00 price of the The Dog Training System Program, I’m willing to let you access and test out the entire system for only $1 for a 3-day Trial period.  You’ll see below what I have in store for you! That’s less than you’d pay for a latte at the local coffee shop. Why not do something that will improve your life instead! You can then see for yourself exactly why this WILL work for you and if you decide that it isn’t working for you, you can simply cancel the Trial.

Try These Techniques and THEN Decide 

Since I’m doing you a favor and letting you try out this system for the 3 -day $1 Trial Offer, please do me a favor and promise me that you will actually take action on the techniques I’ll show you inside the program! You won’t just get a sample of the system like some other companies will fool you into for a “trial” offer.  With this trial offer, you get access to the entire training system, including 22 step-by-step video lessons. That means, you have absolutely nothing to lose (except your dog’s bad habits), and in just a few minutes, you’ll gain access to this unique system and see why it is WAY different than any other dog training gimmicky products that are “out there” these days.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is comprehensive training system filled with rich, instructional videos and clear, easy to understand instructions…”

  img1   The Dog Training System is a “must have” for dog owners who want to learn about dog training and improve their relationship with their pet. When I first looked at The Dog Training System I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a comprehensive training system filled with rich, instructional videos and clear, easy to understand instructions for many aspects of dog training. The website is very user-friendly and allows one to take their information with them on the go if they have an internet connection. This is extremely handy if you are working with your dog at a park or visiting friends or relatives. The Dog Training System is 100% cruelty-free and a portion of its proceeds is donated to non-profit organizations that aid homeless or abused animals.  


Blessings, ~Leigh and the MANY Rescued Dogs Living with Her Seattle, USA


“The techniques not only make sense, they work! The system is definitely affordable, so now, not only the elite can have well behaved dogs!”

  img2I’m so glad we took a chance on the Dog Training System! The system is easy to understand and apply. The videos are great, because we are able to see exactly what the techniques are supposed to look like and watch them over and over again. We appreciate how the system incorporates different perspectives on dog training; from vets, trainers, breeders, and pet owners. The techniques not only make sense, they work! The system is definitely affordable, so now, not only the elite can have well behaved dogs! Since using the Dog Training System, our relationship with our dogs has improved dramatically! We feel as though we now speak the same language and understand each other better.


~Mark & Christina, Sadie the Frenchie and Otis the Pug!


Chicago, USA



“I am seriously so surprised at how much The Dog Training System has over delivered. There aren’t many companies that you can say that about anymore.”

  When I came across The Dog Training System I was at my wits end. I have had my dog Ditty for years and decided to get another dog to keep him company. It didn’t go over very well to say the least. Ditty constantly attacked our new dog and to top it off, he started to go to the bathroom in the house. A friend of mine recommended that I check out The Dog Training System. Much to my relief, it worked! Ditty now loves Zoe and our house is at peace. We are now using The Dog Training System for command training with Zoe. I am seriously so surprised at how much The Dog Training System has over delivered. There aren’t many companies that you can any that about anymore.


Thanks a Bunch,


~Sarah and Graham, Ditty and Zoe


Vancouver, Canada



You Have My Guarantee That You Will Have a Dramatically Improved Relationship with Your Dog in 60 Days

  The truth is… Depending on how bad your dog’s behavior problems are, I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a perfect dog in 60 days… for example, if you have a dog that has years of negative conditioning, it might realistically take longer than 60 days. However, what I CAN guarantee is that if you apply these techniques you will definitely see a significant difference in your dog’s behavior and have the skills and confidence to continue on your path to having a perfectly behaved dog. I would like to take any doubts or indecision you might have off your mind. If you seriously don’t take action, you will NEVER improve your dog’s bad behavior… You’ll simply continue to struggle for years more with the nightmare of a badly behaved dog. You’ll just keep putting up with your dog’s bad habits and making up excuses as to why “it’s too hard” to start working on these problems. Why not make the decision TODAY to finally learn the exact proven methods of success in training your dog so you will be allowed to enjoy your life. I want you to discover that you have nothing to lose except for those stubborn bad behaviours that you have been living with. That’s why I’ve decided to offer you 100% unconditional money back guarantee if you do not successfully solve your dog’s problems or have a dramatically improved relationship with your dog in 60 days. You have a full 8 weeks to pour through the information in the program and see for yourself as your dog’s issues starts to disappear, uncovering that well behaved dog you knew you had somewhere underneath! If you are not satisfied with the program, we will give you a quick, no questions asked refund.  It really is that easy… You might ask why I am crazy enough to offer a money back guarantee. Well, it comes down to the fact that I am assuming that you are a trustworthy person that would not try to take advantage of me unless you were truly unhappy.  I am so confident in The Dog Training System that I know you’ll be satisfied once you see your new, well behaved dog.   good dog gaurantee That’s my commitment to you! I’m genuinely invested in helping you achieve your dog training goals and improving your quality of relationship with your dog forever.  Just look at some of the testimonials above from my happy customers, and you can see that this program actually delivers on everything I’m promising you.

How Do I Know if This Will Truly Work For ME?

So how do you know if this program is the real deal? I realize you’re probably thinking that you’ve been scammed before.  Listen, I’ve experience that before myself, and that’s why I’m serious about the quality of my products and customer support.  I do everything possible to make sure you are happy and will actually get the results you came to my site looking for. If think about it… why on earth would I want to scam you or sell you some gimmick that doesn’t work?  I’d be out of business in a week and wouldn’t be able to continue to donate a percentage of our proceeds to worthy charities!  It’s exactly the opposite of what I stand for. I would like to get the program out to as many people as possible and can only accomplish that by helping you achieve your goals of getting the well behaved dog you want so badly.  It’s just common sense that I want my program to be as effective as possible to get you SUCCESS.  And that’s exactly what it delivers. At the end of the day, that’s really what it’s all about… YOUR SUCCESS!

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover in the Dog Training System…


  • A Huge blunder pet owners make training their dog. Your good intentions can make your dog confused and resentful…(The Dominance Theory video)
  • 4 Easy Tips to Stop Your Dog Play-Biting fast. Although mouthing is cute when your dog is a puppy, it becomes more serious as he grows older — especially if you have children around the home or you have visitors who are nervous around dogs..(Stop Play Biting/Mouthing video)
  • 7 Signs Your Dog Thinks They Are the Boss. If your dog is showing any of these signs then you need to act now to establish you are in charge. Otherwise you will not be able to train them… Or even control them!(Becoming the Leader of thePack video)
  • Are you accidentally training your dog to jump up on people? This natural human reaction could be the reason your dog greets friends, family and strangers by jumping all over them and raking her claws along their skin...(Stop Jumping Up video)
  • How to Establish Authority Over Your Dog without saying a word (and the one thing you should never do until your dog knows 100% that you are in charge…) Nearly all pet owners make this serious training mistake… And it cause huge problems later on…(Becoming the Leader of the Pack video)
  • Are there any noises that leave your dog shaking in terror? These easy to follow steps Calm Your Dog Around Sounds that Spook him or her like vacuum cleaners, lightening, smoke alarms, etc. You no longer have to worry about your dog being afraid or spend time relaxing them whenever they hear these sounds…(Helping a Fearful Dog video)
  • This amazing ‘RTB‘ technique stops unwanted barking. (How to “trick” your dog into remaining quite as a mouse all the time… even if he’s already driving you and the neighbors crazy…)(Stop Excessive Barking video)
  • How to make your dog Sit and Stay Even if You Walk Away. Other pet owners will be impressed by the respect your pup has for you… and you never have to apologise for losing control of your dog… or letting him or her get away with bad behavior(Sit Command and Sit and Stay Command videos)
  • A Simple but Big Mistake that gives even tiny dogs the impression they are stronger than you. But you can turn the situation around to establish you are in control and the dog must follow your rules. This is the first step to train your dog properly. Miss it and nothing else will work!(Becoming the Leader of the Pack video)
  • Avoid this Popular Dog Training Method used for decades (and still very common today) that damages your dog emotionally, makes him aggressive and could even lead to an awful accident with a child or small dog…(The Dominance Theory video)
  • Why ‘clicker’ training isn’t the best idea and the Free Alternative saves you time, effort, money and gets better results…(Conditioning video)
  • How to train your dog to keep his dirty paws off visitors, so you don’t have to feel guilty because a friend has come over and got her dress ruined…(Stop Jumping Up video)
  • Should you use treats to train you dog? Yes, but only in these circumstances. Otherwise your dog may never respect you…(Before You Get Started video)
  • How to teach a young puppy to sit. Most young pups struggle to associate commands with the desired result. This clever ‘follow’ technique gets your pup on his rump even if he’s a little bundle of childish energy…(Sit Command video)
  • Why buying a dog pen is an expensive mistake… how you can save money using this obvious alternative…
  • How to stop your dog barking when you are not home. This powerful method is unusual to say the least, but it works like magic — so you never get complaints from neighbors again about your dog barking… And you don’t have to worry about coming home to a nasty letter or confrontation.(Stop Excessive Barking video)
  • The number one mistake owners make when teaching dogs to ‘sit’. This simple ‘distance’ error makes it almost impossible to get your dog to sit calmly on command… But it’s easily fixed with a small movement of your wrist…(The Sit Command Video)
  • 2 Foolproof Techniques to Calm Your Dog when you want to relax. Imagine sitting comfortably, reading or watching TV, while your dog lounges happily beside you…
  • How to Stop Your Dog Whining, Barking or Begging for Food at the kitchen table. Enjoy mealtimes with friends and family without feeling embarrassed because you dog is sniffing at their legs under the table… Or making constant noise trying to get attention…(Table Manners video)
  • When to train your dog to ‘Come’. If your dog is older than this age, he or she may have already created strong positive associations with not coming to you. If your dog is younger, then their brain is not developed enough to understand this command…(The Come Command video)
  • Powerful technique means you Never Have to Chase After Your Dog Again… So you feel secure and confident about letting them off the leash… Even if they are surrounded by other dogs!(The Come Command video)
  • How to get your dog to ‘Fetch’. This unique six-step shortcut is a fun way to Teach Your Dog a Classic Game While Showing You Are in Control and he or she has to follow your rules…(The Game of Fetch video)
  • How to use remote control cars, orange peels and water to Stop your Dog Digging holes in the garden. The best part is: You can use this trick even if your dog is bursting with energy while you are exhausted after a hard day’s work…(The Deal on Digging Video)
  • A Simple Trick to Stop Your Dog Pulling on His Leash. No more getting dragged around or watching your dog gasp for breath as he or she fights to go faster. Finally relax and stroll at your own pace with a loose leash…(Leash Etiquette video)
  • How to Keep Control of Your Dog Even When He’s Off Leash, excited and surrounded by distractions. (No more desperately chasing your dog when he bolts after something he finds interesting and ignores your pleas to come back…)(The Heel Command video)
  • A common ‘Dog Bowl’ mistake that makes your dog think he’s the leader of your household… And how you can use this Special Feeding Technique to eliminate this bad behavior almost instantly…(Table Manners video)
  • The Simple 5-minute Solution to Train Your Puppy to Stay Quiet. You only have to do this a few times a day before your puppy-barking problem is solved…(Stop Excessive Barking video)
  • How to Stop Your Dog Jumping on People when they come through the front door. (You no longer have to worry about inviting people to your home, or feel embarrassed about your dog mounting friends who call over unexpectedly…)(Stop Jumping Up video)
  • Imagine this: A stranger walks over to pet your dog and your dog jumps up on him covering him in mud. Embarrassing, isn’t it? But using this Special ‘Reverse’ Psychology Principal, you can actually turn this situation around and transform a potential disaster into a way to reinforce good behavior. This works brilliantly!(Stop Jumping Up video)
  • How to avoid a frustrating mistake that conditions your dog to bark noisily every time you put him in his crate… And the simple trick that will Transform the Crate into a Safe and Comfortable Place for your dog to go when you are not spending time with him…(Crate Training video)
  • Why many dog training experts are wrong when it comes to Potty Training Your Adult Dog or Puppy. And the Simple 5-Step Solution you need to Stop Your Dog Peeing and Pooping on the kitchen floor or your favorite rug… without humiliating him or treating him badly…(Potty Training 101 video)
  • Is your dog terrified of a particular person? Here’s how to gradually Make Your Dog Feel at Ease even if that person is touching her. (Important: This process is vital if your dog is scared of children because the child won’t know how to react around a scared animal.)(Helping a Fearful Dog video)
  • How to Stop your Dog attacking other Dogs. This Simple 11-Step method helps you control your pooch no matter how aggressive he or she is towards other dogs…(Interacting With Other Dogs video)
  • And Much, Much More!


Let’s Make This an Easy Decision for You

To make this deal even better, and take away the last bit of doubt you may be feeling, I’m going to offer 4 additional top notch products to you as bonuses with this package. However, the deal I negotiated to make these additional products available to you only allows me to offer these to you for a very limited time. So, if you order today, you’ll also receive these 4 additional free bonuses (valued at $121.80):

Special Limited-Time Offering (Take Action Today to Receive Them)

Screen-Shot-2012-10-26-at-4.49.28-PM Screen-Shot-2012-10-26-at-3.59.10-PM Screen-Shot-2012-10-26-at-5.06.56-PM Screen-Shot-2012-10-29-at-9.27.08-AM  Summary of everything you will receive if you order today: Screen-Shot-2012-10-29-at-10.06.13-AM I know what you’re next question is… So how much is this entire package going to cost me? Well, as you can see, the value of this package, including the main The Dog Training System Full Membership as well as the $121.80 bonus package, costs over $160.00. But, I truly want to get this training into the hands of as many dog owners as possible. I don’t want price to be an issue. I want to spread the word about training dogs without cruelty or humiliation. The ‘Dominance Theory’ is outdated and wrong. It has no place in a civilised society. Yet, it is still one of the most popular ways to train a dog today. My mission is to change that. You do not have to hurt your pet to make him respect you. I want to show you a better way… I’m offering this entire package, The Dog Training System Full Lifetime Membership, plus the 4 bonuses valued at $121.80. Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 12.18.59 PM  

But Don’t Pay Today…


Try it First, Start Seeing Your Dog’s Behavior Change, and THEN Decide

I know you may still be wondering if this Program will work for you… and give you that perfect dog you’ve always wanted. That’s why I decided to let you “Try it first and decide later”.

I put together a simple and easy 3-day Trial-Program for you. Here’s how it works… 1. Instantly get access to The Dog Training System membership today with this Trial-Offer. 2. Pay nothing today, except for the nominal $1 processing fee. 3. Begin applying some of the unique Dog Training System correction and training techniques… start doing activities with your dog that you actually enjoy, but makes your dog to listen to you at the same time… try out the innovative “mind control” methods that can be done without your dog having a clue that they are being trained… and watch as you start to notice measurable results in the first couple of days. 4. As long as you don’t decide to cancel within 3 days, the remaining $45.95 investment in your relationship with your dog (the initial $1.00 processing fee is applied towards the normal price) will be billed to you at 3 days from today. You will NEVER be billed again after this remaining $45.95. Of course, if you decide to cancel, it’s as simple as hitting the support button in the membership area any time within the 3-day trial period. It’s that easy! On top of that, the 60-day Money-Back Guarantee still covers you if you decide at any time that the Program is not working for you… Although, the program WILL work for you if you apply the techniques. I’m sure you can tell that from all of the testimonials you saw on the testimonial page that many of my other happy customers sent in. If you think about that in terms of getting the dog you want in 8 weeks, this comes out to only $0.78 cents per day! Can’t get much better than that… even your daily paper costs more than 78 cents.
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Please Note: This is a downloadable video program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. You will receive access to bonuses on the Thank You page. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a registration page to access the full Dog Training System program as well as the free bonuses. If you have a high speed internet connection, the videos usually take less than a minute to play. The free bonuses will be in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, but if you don’t currently have it, a free download is available online.

Every moment you wait… makes it harder to change your dog’s bad habits… When you invest in “The Dog Training System” today, you get everything you need to solve your dog’s behavior problems — far less than one hour with an average dog trainer…. Order now while your thinking about…

I look forward to hearing about your success!

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Kristin Wild
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Author – The Dog Training System
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P.S. Don’t delay any longer in getting the dog of your dreams! People that keep putting off their goals rarely ever accomplish them. STOP putting up with a badly behaved dog and START putting in the effort to have the dog you always wanted.


P.P.S. Here is a list of the titles of the 22 video lessons you will receive in this comprehensive course:

1.  Introduction to The Dog Training System

2.  NLP and Your Dog

3.  The Dominance Theory

4.  Becoming the Leader of the Pack

5.  Before You Get Started

6.  Snap Conditioning

7.  The ‘Sit’ Command

8.  The ‘Sit and Stay’ Command

9.  The ‘Lay and Stay’ Command

10. Table Manners

11. The ‘Come’ Command

12. The Game of Fetch

13. Leash Etiquette

14. The ‘Heel’ Command

15. Interacting With Other Dogs

16. Stop Play Biting/Mouthing

17. Stop Jumping Up

18. Stop Excessive Barking

19. The Deal on Digging

20. Crate Training

21. Potting Training 101

22. Helping a Fearful Dog

Yes!   I want to start transforming my dog from a little devil to a perfect angel the right way!  Let’s get started:

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